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the emergence of your truth into the physical reality

"You are not here to experience a limited life, you are here to master it"
- Shakti Ma

Creator Consciousness is not just a concept, It is not just a technique that you practice daily, it is a complete shift in consciousness.  It is the unique balance of Self Realization and Self Actualization, meaning that it combines advanced spiritual teachings with the ability to actively and consciously create one's reality.  It is mastery of the physical reality from the Higher Mind.


Shakti Ma creates a unique space for this mastery.  She has the ability to teach higher states and realizations of the Self while also directly addressing what is showing up in the physical reality. The skill to expand her client's consciousness and dive deep into the shadow that is currently creating their life.


​Shakti Ma's work is intense, precise, and powerful.  She is known for her ability to hone in with precision to exactly what each person needs.  Her teachings give her students clear direction and techniques to take action.

The energy that she channels enables her clients to quickly transmute blocks/limitations and transform their state of being. 

She is a powerhouse yet loving, kind, and compassionate.

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