You already ARE everything you could ever BE.  It's TIME to realize it.

Lisa Marie - Shakti Ma

is a

spiritual teacher and an energy healer. 

  • She is known for her ability to hone in with precision to exactly what each person needs. 


  • The energy that she channels enables her clients to quickly transmute blocks/limitations and transform their state of being. 


  • She is a powerhouse yet loving, kind, and compassionate.

her work can

Help you let go of blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, DISTRUST, disbelief

Guide you to HIGHER LEVELS of consciousness to deeper realizations of yourself

Connect you, anchor you to your UNIQUE gifts and potential 

Show you who YOU really are.


"Truly gifted - legitimate"

“I recently had a one on one session with Lisa, and it was nothing short of absolutely transformational! I felt very comfortable in the space with her that she facilitated, as it was completely authentic to her calling! Her own attunement and special gift to directly hone in on my deep rooted limiting beliefs about myself and my own divine feminine power, specifically in my root and sacral chakra, was profound to me , because I have always known within me that I have suppressed and denied my truth and strength in myself for many many years; she was able to identify and validate that in me IMMEDIATELY! She is truly gifted, I have seen her work performed online and was amazed and after working with her for the hour and a half, I knew her gifts were legitimate and powerful, I’m amazed at her ability to allow that amount of divine energy work through her and translate it so effortlessly! Thank you Lisa, I hope to see you again” - Haley





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