Do you want to radically transform your life?

Shakti Ma

is a

container of Pure Potential Energy. 

"I devour shadow. I consume it like a hot fudge sundae, licking the spoon with each glorious bite.


It is my gift.


Since the beginning of my spiritual journey I have been able to shift energies quickly and effortlessly.


With my clients, I merge. I merge into their space, into their shadow. This gives me front row seats to the show. It enables me to directly alchemize their shadow.


I feel every emotion, energy, feeling, and vibration. It thrills me. I enjoy it immensely.


There isn't an energy that I have found that I cannot consume.


I heal with my voice, which is ironic because I was always told that I couldn't sing. But, this isn't about singing.


The tones that emit from my throat bring specific vibrations to the energy. They dismantle, deprogram, reprogram, shift, alchemize and transmute the energy. I watch it happen.


It amazes me still. The intelligence. It comes through me, I don't claim it as mine.


To be my client is to enter into a container of tenderness, strength, and courage. For this work is a dance. The dance between the surrender and the consumption.


Each step matters. Each step is synchronized within the intelligence of the energy. Each step unravels more layers of shadow, limiting belief, pain, trauma, suffering, and illusion. 


Leaving behind a distilled version of truth. Of love. 


This is my playground, my ballroom, my battlefield.


Will you come dance with me?"

- Shakti Ma

if an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends.  If an egg is broken by an inside force - life begins

Shakti Ma is here to assist you to break open, heal, and reconstruct yourself.

All pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, depression, lack, etc. is the illusion of the very shell that you have created to protect the most incredible part of who you really are.

Shakti Ma's work is intense, precise, and powerful.  It works to expose the limiting beliefs that are creating your reality, stepping you into the life you truly wish to create.

She is known for her ability to hone in with precision to exactly what each person needs. 

The energy that she channels enables her clients to quickly transmute blocks/limitations and transform their state of being. 

She is a powerhouse yet loving, kind, and compassionate.

She is currently only taking clients who truly want deep and profound change in their lives.  Clients who will stop at nothing to radically transform their reality.

She is offering a 3 month 1:1 intensive to take her clients to the next level of their existence.

"Truly gifted - legitimate"

“I recently had a one on one session with Lisa, and it was nothing short of absolutely transformational! I felt very comfortable in the space with her that she facilitated, as it was completely authentic to her calling! Her own attunement and special gift to directly hone in on my deep rooted limiting beliefs about myself and my own divine feminine power, specifically in my root and sacral chakra, was profound to me , because I have always known within me that I have suppressed and denied my truth and strength in myself for many many years; she was able to identify and validate that in me IMMEDIATELY! She is truly gifted, I have seen her work performed online and was amazed and after working with her for the hour and a half, I knew her gifts were legitimate and powerful, I’m amazed at her ability to allow that amount of divine energy work through her and translate it so effortlessly! 

- Haley