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I am not here to heal you.  I am here to help you heal yourself.  To assist you in bringing forth, connecting to, the love/light that you already are.

As a child I always connected to animals, angels, and beings of light that my family could not see.  I would also place my hands on my animals and attempt to heal them. I spend hours in the forest with the light beings, Mother Earth, and my animals.  I knew who I was yet struggled to understand this in a world where this wasn’t spoken of.

Slowly I lost many of these abilities yet continued to live my life through my intuition and heart.  I always, “followed my heart”, and it never led me astray. 

After many years exploring the world through travel, I began to work with horses again (I grew up riding).  Within a short time I started to experience spontaneous energetic healings and also began to communicate with the horses.  I began to research these subjects. I studied a variety of energetic healing techniques and also honed my ability to communicate with the animals and channel other beings of light.

One day I had an “awakening” where my Kundalini woke up and created all kinds of havoc within my body.  I had no idea what any of it was. My health and emotions were all over the place. I started to meditate daily and began seeking the truth of my being.  My health returned and my world has never been the same. 

Since then, my mission has become more clear as has my connection to the Self.  My journey of Self Realization will never end as I will always continue to seek deeper levels of truth, clarity, and love. 


My mission is that people experience themselves as the One Infinite Love.  That they see the magick in every day and the perfection within each moment.



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