Magic & Alchemy Course

Join Shakti Ma in a 9 week deeply transformative course to clarify and connect you to your Intuitive potential as well as teach you valuable skills to alchemize energy and heal yourself.

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This course is for beginners who have not had much divine connection and for the more advanced who could use additional support and clarification of their gifts.

The course will take on two main components.

Divine Transmissions - channelings of high frequencies of love/light into the group through a guided meditation. This will offer participants the opportunity to heal, unblock, and clarify their chakras and subtle bodies. This part is imperative to truly having a solid connection.

Skill Teaching - skills of neutrality, connection, translation, and advanced skills for increasing your intuition and energy alchemization.

You Will:

  • learn how to connect to your energy, read/receive messages


  • learn how to connect clearly with your Higher Self/Spirit Guides


  • discern between thoughts/feelings and intuition


  • Remove blocks, limiting beliefs, and subconscious structures that block your ability to connect/receive


  • Learn how to ask questions and receive detailed information/answers.


  • Learn astral projection to visit realities that can bring insight and healing as well as knowledge and remembrance


  • Activate the remembrance of your infinite self within your unique gifts and skills


  • Activate your Merkaba (light body)


  • Learn how to clear spaces and program energies into that space


  • Learn how to read energies and bring in healing frequencies


  • gain clarity within your being and the ability to connect/stay connected with ease

Cost $477

*Course is a recording and therefore accessible now

*You will receive an email with information to access it.