The Light - Divine Transmission #1

Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti Ma.

 And this is one of my divine transmissions. So within this space, I channel the energy of love light. This energy comes through as words and sounds and just simply pure energy. So open yourself to be triggered, to draw awareness to spaces to be uncomfortable and to heal through this channel.

Take a nice deep breath. Close your eyes. We start by simply drawing awareness to your present space. To what you sit on to what you lie on how your body is angled to how you feel both emotionally and physically to the objects within the room and ultimately to your present experience.

What are you experiencing right now? The breath. What are you experiencing right now. Allow your awareness and consciousness to start to bring forward your experience the filter in which you see your reality.

Deep breath into your chest, allowing anything and everything to be present for you to be represented to you. What are you experiencing now? Allowing for any and all emotions to surface anxiety fear, displacement, uncertainty longing.

Breath. And who are you within these emotions within these energies whatever presented itself? Who are you?

You the very essence of your being in relationship to these energies. Breathe the nice deep breath. Do you feel separate from them? Do you feel like they overwhelm or overcome you? 

Can you sense beyond them? Can you sense their origin both within your being and your expression of your reality and beyond that? What is your experience and this moment?

Deep breath.

How do you relate to what is being presented to you? The energies and emotions that are being brought right now in this very moment. How do you relate to them? How do you see yourself in comparison to them?

Deep breath down into your diaphragm. Noticing this didn’t distinguish action between you and it, you and them, you and your emotions, you and your experience allowing any separation to be seen. In this moment anyway would you perceive these energies to be outside of yourself?

Deep breath. Bringing the energy of allowance. Breathe in the allowance allow for this space. Allow yourself to take into except to recognize these energies as a part of you.

Deep breath.

Never separate, never outside of you. Even everything within the room where you sit or you lie everything around you is you. Deep breath allowing all the discomfort the triggers any sensations. Allow, breathe, experience.

What if all of it is you?

What if like a movie projector, you’re projecting your inner world out all around you? What then do you begin to see or experience of the objects of the emotions of the energy around you. How then, does your perception change? Deep breath down into the lower part of your belly, opening up everything within you.

Opening up all of your beliefs, all of your perceptions and all of the discomfort. What if everything around you is a projection of what is within you? What if your reality is all based off your internal structures, your internal beliefs, your internal energy.

Deep breath.

What if there is no eternal and external allowing as your energy begins to shift. Allowing for the triggering of remembrance into the light of your being. Breathe, allow this space.

Can you allow? Can you open? Can you shift and the tiny molecular structure of your being? Can you insist? Breathe down into your body open up the space.

Can you insist that there is no difference? Can you insist that you are being of light, and love and all representations within all expressions of yourself. Deep breath.

Allowing for all of the beliefs, conscious and unconscious, to be triggered within your field. All the disbeliefs that you already being I’ve liked and if you are not your physical body there is no distinct relation between your body and the surrounding energy. Breathe.

Bringing awareness highlighting all of the structures that say you are a person, in a body located in a space that you are a person in a body located in a particular space separate from other locations from other spaces.

Deep core belief of location and space become triggered. Become highlighted is light held in a container. Allowing the mind to bring up all of its philosophies all of its understandings and perspectives. Allow the mind to argue with these words and see how it argues. See the space and the energy from which it argues within.

What does that feel like? Does it feel defensive or protective of its beliefs of its constructs, of its perceptions or does it feel expansive and open and allowance absorption? Breathe, breathe down into your solar plexus. Nice deep breath.

What does your mind say? When the thoughts of not being a physical body In a specific location is brought forward.