Do you want to Radically transform your life? Do you want to Rewrite yourself, redefine who you are, completely let go of your old identity and step into something new?


This program is not for everyone. It is for the RARE few that are devoted to nothing but the truth.

The one that seeks quantum leaps, transformation, and the realization of their deepest wounds, shadows and pain in order to transcend one's own being.

Shakti is PURE POTENTIAL. What do you want to create with your pure potential energy? How do you want to redefine yourself within it? There is no cap to what is possible.


That's the power of SHAKTI. And that's she is Shakti Ma.  She has always excelled at playing within the fire & potentiality of Shakti energy.  It is her superpower.

Kundalini shakti is primordial cosmic energy, it is the fundamental life force and, at the same time, the supreme spiritual energy.


Shakti is generally defined as an essential potentiality of our being which, upon awakening, opens us to a cosmic, non-personal dimension of energy. Spiritual realization results from the transformations that it produces.

Are you ready?

This program is designed for you. Not the you that sits here and reads this but the you that awaits.

This you, is authentic, courageous and magnetic. This you is unflappable. 

The container that is created within this program quickly harnesses the power of your highest potential and works to bring it into your existence.

It will completely transform limitations that your false self holds.  It will empower you within every breath, decision, and moment of your reality. It will ignite your creative potential and capabilities.  It will soar you to new heights of your experience.

You are invited into a pressure cooker of pure potential!

3 Month 1:1 Intensive

* biweekly healing/transformation sessions

* 5-7 hours per week held within the Shakti energy of her meditations.

* Additional work/assignments as needed

* Clear and laser intention



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